The Line of the Spirit is a unique collection of high quality designer rugs and wall hangings, noted not only for the exciting design content, but also for the use of color. The depth of color, in combination with the subtle changes and gradations in tonality, provide a special feeling of timelessness.

Using the combined talents and experience of the founder/designer and the current designer/directors together with a carefully chosen team of fine Zapotec Indian weavers, a new body of work has emerged, setting the standard for excellence in an original collection of rugs and wall hangings. Combining traditional design elements that honor past cultures with new adaptions, the Line of the Spirit has the visual and emotional feeling of the old and the new.

The Line of the Spirit is a cross-cultural collaboration using design elements from cultures as diverse as nomadic tribal from the mideast to Navajo Pueblo in the American Southwest. Incorporated into each design are precisely executed floating elements representing ancient concepts of life-sustaining forces which add certain dynamics and energy.

What makes the Line of the Spirit different from any other collection is not only the collaboration of designer/weavers, but the meticulous attention to detail. From the first step to the last, everything is carefully overseen and checked to insure each piece is individually a special representation of the art form.

To begin with, weekly forays are made to a remote Zapotec village in the mountains, where for generations, women have been spinning and carding wool using the ancient drop-spindle method. Because nothing has come between the fleece and human fingers, all the natural oils remain in the yarn. This gives the wool its richness of texture and resistance to soil. The yarn is then taken back to the weaving village where each carefully selected ball of yarn is spun into skeins in preparation for the dyeing.

Once again, a combination of the old and the new is used in the dyeing process. The finest quality of dyes imported from Switzerland is custom-mixed by hand in cauldrons over an open fire. The dyer, who has been working with The Line of the Spirit since its inception, is a Zapotec woman who is assisted by her son. They hand mix each dye lot, giving the wool a variation in tonal quality. After being washed and rinsed in the river, the yarns are then hung out on poles to dry. At this point in the process, the yarns are ready to be distributed to each weaver.

Two outstanding Zapotec Indian brothers, who are master weavers in their own right, are the art directors. They are out in the village every day working with each weaver. Their job is to insure that each piece reflects the specific qualities that make a Line of the Spirit weaving a collectible one. Not only do they provide the particular yarns they deem necessary to that stage of the weaving development, but they apply modifications and adaptions while the work is in progress. They spend long hours conferring with each weaver to insure the perfection of each element of the design.

It is this combination of dynamic design, attention to detail, depth and changes in color that make this collection a viable alternative to more traditional rugs, providing an elegance that goes far beyond just a "Southwestern" look. It is an art form designed to endure. With the LOS logo, the registered trademark, woven into each piece, the buyer is assured of the authenticity of each Line of the Spirit tapestry.

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