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Ripple marks
Cobbly sandstone
Volcanic cobbly conglomerate
Ripple marks
Folded chert & mudstone
Chert in mudstone
Cross-bedded sandstone
Ripple lamination in carbonate
Cross-bedded sandstone-heavy minerals
Cross-bedded sandstone
Platform-foredeep contact
Columnar stromatolites
Halite casts
Halite casts & mudcracks
Gypsum casts
Gypsum casts, mudcracks, ripple marks
Limestone-argillite rhythmites
Carbonate slump-chip breccia
Conglomerate & scour
Graywacke turbidites
Syn-sedimentary slump fold
Reworked carbonate concretions in mudstone
Branching stromatolites
Caldera mesobreccia

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Columnar stromatolites
Limestone-argillite rhythmites
Graywacke turbites and slump-chip breccia bed
Branching columnar stromatolites
Synoptic relief-stromatolites
Carbonate-shale cycles
Stromatolitic mounds
Concretionary shale
Mound of tiny digitate stromatolites "Lenia"
Metamorphosed concretions
Deepwater stromatolites
Diffuse stromatolites-deepwater?
Oncolites & bent rip-ups
Large concretions
Top view: stromatolites
Horizontal cross section: stromatolites
Detail-overturned unconformity