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Robert Hildebrand Web Design is a full service Internet and consulting firm that specializes in web sites for academic and scientific purposes, where content is king. We have designed over 100 websites and have vast experience in Intranet and Extranet design and functionality. Our award winning web sites reflect the powerful combination of our creative design, programming and Internet marketing expertise. We believe that a site can be beautiful, highly effective, and functional at the same time. Robert utilizes modern compression techniques and optimized palettes to create rich, striking graphics that are quick to download. He understands the strengths and weaknesses of the major browsers, and applies this expertise to assure that our web sites look great in any modern browser.

Hildebrand has strength in User Interface design and places an emphasis on creativity, communication, navigation, and the end-user experience. Bad navigation creates bad branding for a company, so he develops main and interior page navigation tools that enable visitors to access portions of the site that most interest them easily and quickly. To enhance the user experience, Hildebrand incorporates navigation features into the overall "look and feel" of the website. He is also expert at designing navigation tools that complement the overall graphic design of the site and that contribute to the site's ease of use.

Overall, we provide our clients with a full array of services in all aspects of electronic and interactive media applications. We are expert at designing user-friendly, cost-effective Intranet and Extranet sites that fit client goals and business needs. Whether you need a brand new site or just want yours spruced up, we will handle all the technical aspects so you can just sit back and relax. Contact us for a quote today.

Web Design Awards

Pointcom Top 20 of all Web Sites; Family Jewel Award for Excellence in Design (twice); Planet Earth Top 100 of all sites (twice); Riddler's Choice Award for Exemplary Resources; Riddler's Choice General; Art ala Carte; Best in Web Sites (twice); The Knob Award for New and Unique Approaches to Web Design; Who's Cool in America and the World; USA Today Site of the Day; Netweek Featured Site.

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