Recent Commercial & Educational Web Sites

N'awlinz: This whimsical site was designed for a class at MIT. The class is supposed to solve, as a team, one large problem per year and this year it was Can we save New Orleans?

Weather in a Tank: A site for a consortium of universities who have meteorology programs and utilize rotating tank experiments.

Snowball Earth: This is a wonderful web site with a ton of information on the very interesting phenomena called Snowball Earth that I built for Paul Hoffman at Harvard University.

HiPiR: High-precision isotopic ratios. This is for a new group and will grow in content over time.

EARTHTIME: A web site for a national scientific initiative to calibrate geological time to one-tenth of one percent.

The Isotope Lab: Sam Bowring's Geochronological and Isotope lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The best in the world, bar none!

The Snowbird Tectonic Zone: A whimsical entrance provides a crazy front door to this rather intense scientific web site that summarizes the results of studies in the Snowbird Tectonic Zone.

Military MBA: A site devoted to providing information on MBA degrees to military officers.

Critical Transitions in the History of Life: A web site for a Sino-American group studying the critical transitions in the history of life.

Altius Performance Group: Another team-building group in Park City.

Michael Skott Photography: A web site that I'm building for well-known interior and food photographer, Michael Skott.

Science of Earth's Environment: A site for a new major at MIT. I enjoyed building this site, which uses the new Milonic DHTML menu and lots of photographs. I carried the anole lizard through the site for continuity. Likely will break in old browsers.

Online University Consortium: Version 2 of a growing site for adult learners and corporations. Web site built as part of a larger promotional campaign with related collateral print material.

Military MBA: A small subsidiary site of Online University Consortium. Web site built as part of a larger promotional campaign with print advertising.

NASA Astrobiology: This is a small site for the Harvard/MIT project "The Planetary Context of Biological Evolution", part of the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Always under construction.

Center for Geochemical Analysis: This is a small site for a research group at MIT. A growing site.

MIT Mass Spectrometry Lab: This is a fairly recent site I did and maintain for a lab at MIT. Uses the Milonic DHTML menu (now updated to v.5) and is a real pain as it needs to function in Netscape 4.7X, which hardly understands CSS. They wanted a tight site with no long scrolling pages.

Winter Sports School: A small budget site for a special school in Park City, Utah. Nothing too special here except the use of the DHTML menu.

Robert Hildebrand Photography: The latest version of my own photography site. Good examples of status bar text displays and JavaScript popup windows to serve larger images and captions. Has all the normal CGI stuff: on-line ordering, virtual postcards, search, newsletter, etc. ever changing

Sedimentology: A fun little site that I built for the Sedimentology Group at MIT.

Rent-A-Relative: This is a classic viral marketing site that I built and implemented. All writing is mine. It tied in with a fun TV spot. The producers of the Blair Witch Project called this the best viral site since their own! It was featured on the Today Show, CNN and other TV shows as well as in international print/online media. 2000

WebMiles: A huge site, the company now bankrupt. You can only see the visitor section as the rest was passworded for members. I built several versions of this site. I was never happy with it as I felt it to be very cluttered but Marketing had other ideas! Use the menu bar at the top to cycle through the various pages. 2000-2001

YPlanet: This is the main part of the Yplanet web site. You can see many of the internal page designs, but their content is disfunctional. Unfortunately, the company ran out of money prior to completion of this site. 1999-2000

YSource: Here is the main entry to the Ysource collection of web sites. Only the first few pages are here as the user normally would go to the Yplanet site or the Yschool website. 1999-2000


Corporate Tours

Y School Corporate Tour 1: This is the first corporate tour I did for YSource. A confusing amalgamation of jpg and gif images. Use the next button in the upper right to cycle through the pages.

Y Planet Corporate Tour 2: This was the corporate overview site I was working on when the company went out of business. Here again use the next button in the upper right to cycle through the pages.


Electronic Newsletters - A Brief Sampler

AVIS - WebMiles co-branded newsletter: One in a series of co-branded designs for the customer loyalty arena.


Pre-2000 Commercial Web Sites

The Terraformer's Guild: A site I built with John Corbett between 1995-1998 to teach people how to use the DTE in the first version of KPT Bryce. We gave it up after 3 years because it was just too much work! Introduction and index page only. For Bryce history buffs, the complete 1996 version is archived here.

La Unica Cosa: A small but colorful site I created for a store in Taos and Durango. A few nice design elements.

Rancho Encantado: An interesting little hotel located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. I heartily recommend this place.

Kealakekua Bed & Breakfast: An interesting little site I created for a B&B in Hawaii.

Tom Till Photography: This was a site I built for Tom. My first photography site. It had hundreds of photographs, viewable as thumbnail and larger images. I was pretty happy with it but I'd do it very differently today.

Wild Earth Images: Another photography site, this one for Aaron Goldenberg. The larger images aren't here due to storage limitations.

Sisna of New Mexico: I created this site for my ISP located in New Mexico. There are two versions of this site: a snazzy brightly colored version and a more laid-back version. I liked the News section.

The Explorer: A rush job for a friend of a friend, but they were happy with it and it got my friend off the hook.

Advance Funding: A small, but interesting, web site for a mortgage company in Salt Lake City.


Examples, Experiments, & Interfaces

Altius Performance Group: A design I created for leadership and team-building consulting company. Great mountain shot to reinforce their theme "the power of we".

Maja Mataric': Another in a series of designs I created for Maja. Just an image here...completely non-functional.

Center for Robotics & Embedded Systems: An interface design I did for a University of Southern California lab. Based on hexagons. Only the front page here for now.

Mason Realty: An interface design I did for a local real estate broker. They wanted something simple and with an area they could fill, so I created this template.

Smith's Used Books: A small site I did for Smith's Used Books. I scanned a bunch of books and arranged them for the bottom bar, which generally sticks to the bottom of the page. Only the first page is shown here.

Melville Fine Art: This site was fun to do and I used DHTML for the image and text swapovers. Only the front page because of copyright limitations. Just mouseover the navigation buttons to see the DHTML rollovers. Doesn't work in Safari.

Alpine Sports Outlet: Just the front page to a sports outlet. Nevertheless, I liked the design, probably because I used one of my own photos.

The Wood Frame Interface: Here is the very classy wooden frame interface. Compare with the Sunrise Interface below to see what you can do by just changing a few textures and colors. It almost looks like a movie trailer.

The Sunrise Interface: Another experimental interface to my photography site once again. Just a different design and different JavaScript rollovers. You'll see that I really like the metallic texture. I use it a lot!

The Malachite Interface: Yet another experimental interface. Here I use my favorite JavaScript rollover and my favorite lizard! Has the very cool birds flying around.

Style sheet example site: The purpose of this interface is not design, but rather, the use of style sheets and DHTML. Here I used a JavaScript detect to determine the platform and browser type, then feed the user the appropriate style sheet. Just move your mouse over the menu to view the use of DHTML.

Peterson's Specialty Foods: I created this interface just for fun. Can you imagine if someone really tried to sell these foods? Nothing fancy here, just a good laugh, or possibly you'll get sick! Only the first page again.

Wood & Marble Interface: Just an example to show how textures can be applied to shapes in PhotoShop. Also shows how marble can be engraved. I like the lizard! Only two pages here.

Frank's Woodies: Here is the front page of Frank's Woodies web site. I include it here because it has two types of JavaScript rollovers. Nothing fancy and pretty much a bandwidth hog!

Web Graphics Tutorials: This was a large site but I tore most of it down and am in the process of redoing my graphics tutorials. Enjoy the navigation bar tutorial for now.

X-factor splash page: This is merely the splash page for the X-factor web site. I liked its simplicity so include it here.

JavaScript rollovers experiment: I designed this interface to test the use of multiple JavaScript rollovers. The mouseover action changes not only the button state but causes two other images to change as well. Each of the other images has 3 different states: an off, an intermediate, and an on state to give them a greater sense of action. Note: the links are disabled.

The Living Earth: The Earth pulsates in this splash page for environmental causes. Basically the same script as the example above. Works well but loading all those images takes time on slower connections! Is there ever enough bandwidth?