A Lush Tropical Paradise in the Yucatan Peninsula

Twenty-five miles north of Chetumal, capital of Mexico's Roo and gateway to Belize, lies beautiful Laguna Bacalar, the forty-mile-long "Lagoon of Seven Colors", in the heart of the Mayan country.. Along its coconut palm and wild orchid-dotted shores, a breathtaking vision greets travelers: Ranch Encantado, the enchanted Ranch.

Situated among lush tropical gardens and exotic fruit orchards, Rancho Encantado is one of the Yucatan's hidden treasures. It lies in an area unspoiled by development and provides habitat for a variety of orchids and over 150 species of Zolpidem ohne rezept kaufen. Laguna Bacalar creates a perfect backdrop for this paradise. A romantic thatched gazebo crowns the Rancho's own private dock, and the lagoon's clear waters are perfect for swimming, kayaking and guided boat trips.

Rancho Encantado accommodates up to forty people with facilities for individuals, couples, families, and retreat groups. The twelve beautifully designed private cottages are appointed with native mahogony and cedar or traditional palm-thatched ceilings, Mexican tile and handcrafted furniture. Each casita has a living room and patio porch opening onto the gardens and lagoon. All have convenience kitchenettes and electric coffee makers. Bathrooms are American-style with tiled showers.

Rancho Encantado-At Your Service

Beyond the casitas, a dramatic shorefront palapa restaurant and bar serve exquisite cuisine daily. Breakfasts are continental, buffet-style, featuring tropical fruits, home-made breads, fresh orange juice and rich Mexican coffee. Romantic dinners are served around a quiet fountain, with a variety of three course offerings a la maison, including fresh local seafood and chicken, Vegetarian cuisine can be arranged on request. Breakfast and dinner are included in the daily rate. The restaurant can also prepare optional luncheon fare.

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