Our preamble and a general introduction to the site. Please make all links to this site point there.

General introduction to textures in Bryce 1.01:

Basically, a brief introduction to Bryce procedural textures.

No texture and pict as textures:

For those of you who don't want to bother with procedural textures!

Procedural textures in Bryce 1.01:

A continuation of the Introduction to textures. If you've been there, you've likely been here.

The red carpet example:

How to use noise and phase together to create a texture.

The effect of filters:

Examples of the various noise filters are shown with the filters themselves.

The effect of colormaps:

Colormaps for the masses.

Combining two textural components-1:

Hilary Rhodes shows combinations of two textures.

The effect of texture mappings:

Hilary Rhodes' examples of texture mappings on spheres.

One-dimensional noise:

Examples of the various 1-d noise functions mapped onto spheres.

Two-dimensional noise:

Examples of the various 2-d noise functions mapped onto spheres.

Three-dimensional noise:

Examples of the various 3-d noise functions mapped onto spheres.

Bump mapping-The fluted column example:

A neat little tutorial on making groovy columns with procedural textures.

Tile Nut's column method:

Secret ancient method for making broken Grecian Columns. This is very kewl!

Using digital topographic data (DEMs):

An introduction to using DEMs written by Susan Kitchens. Here's the place to get DEMview.

Ken Bad's DEMview Tutorial:

Absolutely the definitive work on using DEMview with Bryce. After all, it was written by the author of DEMview and he should know!

The Blues Club:

We tear apart one of ArtEffects' images for you and show you a few of their masterful tricks.

PICT-Extruding using Bryce 2.0

Harry St. Ours shows you a wonderful, yet easy, technique to create new pix.

Hilary Rhodes' Bryce 2 Tutorial

Hilary goes crazy!! Everything you need to kmow about the DTE in Bryce 2 is here. Check this out!

The KPT Bryce Book:

If you don't have this book, here's where you can get the details.

The amazing art of Bill Ellsworth

The first of our special galleries devoted to one artist. If you like art you'll love this gallery.

The space art of David Palermo

The second of our individual galleries. A wonderful collection of space images.

The Menace Ren series by Ken Means

The third of our individual galleries. Presented here for the first time: the totally awesome Menace Ren series in its entirety.

Saint's 12 Oracles

Harry St. Ours presents his twelve oracles. You need a browser with frames capabilities to see these and for even greater enjoyment you should have KM's Quicktime plug-in 0.3.2.

The marvelous imagination of Chris Casady

Tile Nut presents a fantastic collection of images to show off his imagination and his abilities with Bryce.

The exquisite art of Harry St. Ours

Harry St. Ours presents this varied gallery of images. Of course, his brand new Arcology series is included..

Using QTVR with Bryce

We have had several requests to incorporate QTVR here for its obvious use with Bryce. Here's the beginning of what we hope will be an extensive area.

Theme 1: Jupiter/Io/Neptune

From time to time we suggest themes. The renderfest from the first session is shown here.

Theme 2: The Canyon Theme

Here's the second renderfest. This time we started with a DEM of the Zion-Grand Canyon areas.

Image gallery:

A must see!! This is where Guild members display their Bryce images. You can spend hours in here.

Corcoran Student Exhibition 1

Here we present the student artwork from the last of Corcoran's online Bryce class. You need a browser with frames capabilities to see these and for even greater enjoyment you should have KM's Quicktime plug-in 0.3.2.

Creating multiple views:

Dr. Who presents a neat trick!

Making Terrains from Silhouettes:

How to turn a silhouette into a 3-dimensional terrain or the Last Sun Worshiper.

The Bryce Forum:

A collaborative effort between The KPT web site at MIT and the Guild. Go visit this interactive area, see what others are saying, and leave your mark.

Our comments form:

Want to comment on the site? Flame us? Give us money? Here's your chance.

Links to other Bryce sites:

Just what it says: our mandatory links page. Rarely updated so it's always out of date. Does anybody want to keep this baby in shape?

Bryce for college credit:

Saint teaches an on-line Bryce course-learn Bryce and get credit.

Bryce Crazee

A few of the gang celebrate the release of Susan's book on Bryce.

Awards we've won

Yes, Terraformers' has garnered its fair share of awards thanks to its great members. Check 'em out!

Shaders and Presets

Our collection of share-able shaders is here. Just started, however.

Grayscale images for terrains

Here's the start of our grayscale collection. Use these for terrains.